Your Global Outsourcing Partner – Build-to-Print Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies

Build to Print Custom Cable Assemblies from Natlus URD Manufacturing

  • ISO 9001:2000 management system.
  • Capabilities include: wire harnesses assembly for hydraulic, automotive, automation, control systems, testing, machinery, tooling and machining, electro-mechanical design and production.
  • Custom molded diagnostic cables and adapters for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles.
  • Waterproof connectors and cable assemblies for transportation, external lighting, digital signs, communication, automation, control system, electric interconnection for electronic equipments.
  • All done in-house with E-lab, environmental testing services available.
  • In-house custom product life/endurance testing.
  • Additional factory capabilities include: Turn signal switch, ignition starter switch, housing connectors, housing connector wire, relays, flasher, fuse box/ fuse holder, rear mirror switch, pigtail socket assembly, door lock switch, ignition cable switch, pressure switch, terminals, head lamp switch.