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Transformer Current – Magnetics & Induction

Transformers, Current Sensors

  • ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, RoHS, UL/CE approved.
  • Complete catalogue of standard products available, send required specifications for equivalent data sheets.
  • Mini precision current transformers, DC-immune current transformers, zero-phase current transformers, split core, donut type and split type, toroidal transformers, current transducers, high-frequency-current sensors, hall-effect current sensors, LAN transformer, telecom, inductors, choke coils, TH/SMD bobbins, iron power cores, MPP cores, amorphous cores, EMI components, SMT magnetic components, LED modules, housing & cases.
  • Additional product capability: Ferrite core transformer, pulse and trigger transformer, ignition transformer, laminated transformers, EE/EI encapsulated transformer, UI encapsulated transformer – low profile.

Please send us your required specifications, we will cross match for your project requirements or apply a custom solution if necessary.