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LCD Manufacturer

Build-to-Print LCD Manufacturing Services from Natlus URD Manufacturing

Natlus URD Manufacturing has the pleasure to be working with a full ISO accredited LCD manufacturing company for the last thirteen years, specializing in the production of LCD panels and LCD modules, OLED displays, Chip-on-board


(COB), Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Chip-on-Glass (COG), and Tape-Automated-Bonding (TAB).

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949, PCBs are UL certified, with RoHs.
  • Materials and finished products follow quality procedure: IQC – IPQC – FQC – OQC.
  • Anti-Static electricity process controls
  • Clean room, visual, functional reliability, and environmental tests.
  • QC Specifications: Contrast, Response time, temperature range, black/White dots, linear defects, rainbows, luminosity of backlight, uniformity or backlight, gray scale.
  • 111Reliability Tests: Environmental tests, vibrations test, ESD tests, burn-in tests, tensile test, bonding test, luminance test.
  • 1500 employee facilities in Taiwan and China
  • Wide range of character and graphic LCD modules, dot pixel formats and backlight combinations.
  • Monochrome Character and Graphic TC/STN/FSTN LCD modules, color STN, COG LCD, TFT display, touchscreen options, FSC-LCD, VATN, VFN, and OLED display modules.
  • All standard modules are custom configurable (mode, language characters, LED color, voltage, temperature range). No MOQs
  • Complete custom modules by request.

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