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IMG_4493Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Quotes within 24hrs: Technology and quality management in accordance with international standards: ISO9001:2008, RoHS, UL/2002, ISO14001, IMG_4454and ISO/TS16949.


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Technology Ability (PCB)
Min. Line Width(Mil)  3.5  
Min. Space(Mil)  3.5  
Min. pad(Mil)  PTH: 4Mil The distance between the hole edge and the pad edge。
Component hole:7Mil
Min. hole diameter Board thickness< 2.0mm  0.15mm Finish hole。
Board thickness≥2.0mm  Aspect ratio ≤8 Finish hole。
Min. hole diameter Board thickness< 2.0mm  3.2mm  
Board thickness≥2.0mm  6.0mm  
Min. Board thickness  Single-layer / double-layer  0.15mm  
Multi-layer  4 layer:0.4mm;6 layer:0.8mm;8 layer:1.0mm;10 layer:1.2mm  
The distance between the line and board edge Milling:0.20mm  
V-CUT: 0.4mm  
Max. layer  36  
Solder Mask  Solder mask opening(Mil)  2/4MIL 1. only one side;2.the tolerance is within 2 mil in order to avoid the exposure of solder mask dam.
Solder mask dam (Mil)  6 Between IC pins。
Color  white, black, blue, green, yellow, red and so on  
Rigid-Flex board  8 layers 6 layers  
Surface Finish  OSP、ENIG、Flash Gold、Immersion Tin、HASL、Tin Plating、Immersion Silver  
Legend Min. space(Mil)  5/8MIL  
Color White, yellow, black and so on  
Surface Finish  Plating Tin、Plating Ni/A, ENIG and so on  
Plating layer thickness  technology thickness U” Minimal thickness Maximal thickness  
Flash Gold plating Au.thickness 100 150  
Nithickness 1 3  
Hard gold plating Au.thickness 100 200  
Nithickness 1 50  
ENIG Nithickness 100 150  
Au.thickness 1 5  
Gold finger Ni. thickness 120 200  
Gold thickness 5 50  
Hole copper(micron)  Copper thickness 20 70 >35UM need to evaluate
Base copper thickness  Copper thickness of inner and out layer(oz) 0.5 12 only for double-sided board
Finish copper thickness  Out layer 1 6 ≥6OZ need to evaluate 
Inner layer 0.5 6 ≥6OZ need to evaluate 
PP thickness(mm)  0.06 —-    
Line width/space(mil) Max. copper thickness  
<4/4 0.5oz The line width is not less than the required in condition of keeping the line space.
≥4/4 1oz
≥7/7 2oz
≥9/9 3oz
≥15/15 6oz
Base material type  FR-4、FR-4 Tg170、Alu Base material、high frequency material、PTFE、FPC… …  suppliers:Shengyi,Kingboard,Rogers,Arlon…