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Plastic Injection Mouldings

IMG_4311IMG_4280Build-to-Printed Injection Molding and Tooling from Natlus URD Manufacturing

Natlus URD Manufacturer is partnered with world-class tooling and molding professionals in southern China. Our clients appreciate our prompt communications, comprehensive quotations, attention to the design details, assistance with any potential design issues, and competitive pricing.

Please review below and contact us with any comments, questions, or to submit your design today.

  • ISO 9001-2008, ISO13485 quality management standards, well-trained QC team divided into mold and plastic QC group. Following IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (in process…), and OQC (outgoing) for start-to-finish quality managment.
  • Design Pre-study, evaluating customer’s design for any potential issues, including shrink marks, short-shot, insufficient draft angles, undercut problems.
  • Discuss parting lines, gate type and location, ejector location, slider/lifter movement.
  • Mold-flow analysis to simulate the molding process in order to predict and avoid any injection problems.turnkey
  • In-house production facilities: mold making equipments, plastic injection machines with robots, die-cutting facilities, sewing machines, ultrasonic & radiofrequency welding machines, assembly lines.
  • QC department equipped with CMM (3 Coordinates Measuring Machine), Optical Measuring Machine, Image Projector Measuring Machine, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Height Gauge, pull test, abrasion test, leak test, color assessment.
  • Single cavity to family moulds, overmoulding and two-color process and hot-runner systems, material/resin/design feasibility study.Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Parts and moulds developed with national advanced design software including: UG, Pro/E, CATIA, and Solidworks.
  • Drawing format capabilities: STEP, X_T, IGES, DXF, DWG, and SAT etc
  • 3D modeling from sample if no drawing is available, including material analysis.
  • Full design capability from concept, subject to approval and evaluation.
  • High quality steels such as 718, 738, S136 and 8407 from ASSAB of Sweden, GS-738 and GS-711 from Thyssen of Germany, NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan and P20, 420.
  • Mould bases and standard components such as LKM, DME, HASCO, FUTABA.
  • SLA and CNC prototypes by request.
  • Applicable to automotive, medical, electronic, industrial, mining, piping and connectors, and more!

Contact us today to discuss your particular requirements. We can usually provide quotations within 24-48 hours.