Your Global Outsourcing Partner – Build-to-Print Assemblies

Consultation Only

At times our clients are perhaps not ready to begin production, don’t have their design together, are uncertain of how to proceed with their idea, have a partial design and need some help organizing their material for quote, or even wish to handle it themselves but need a bit of expert advice. If any of this seems similar to your situation then look no further. We can help on a fee-based consultation basis only, pointing you in the right direction to help you take the next steps in your project. Advice can apply to domestic production, or more specialized in such a way that will assist in getting the project quoted and built over-seas.

Basic Consultant Fees – $65.00-85.00 / hour, depending upon the nature of your circumstances, with a three-hour minimum. Our initial discussion and our evaluation is at no charge, if you need to proceed with more specialized direction then we bill in advance weekly. If your company ultimately tools items or mass produces products with us, we will apply any previously paid fees to your account.

Assistance may include:

  • Research, evaluating your concept, approach, or partially established design for the next logical step towards quotation and/or production.
  • Required formats for 2D and 3D files.
  • Generating your BOM (Bill of Materials).
  • Taking pictures, measuring, sample evaluation, material help: plastics, metals, cables, PCB, and more!
  • Budgetary quotation for any purpose.
  • Finding qualified suppliers, making contact, communication issues with factories, domestic and overseas.
  • Transfer of larger documents over the web/email, organizing cloud structures for vendors.
  • General questions about producing designs, domestic or off-shore. Again initial review is at no charge…email us with your questions!
  • Over-seas travel-related concerns, visiting suppliers on your behalf.
  • Arranging China/HK/Taiwan qualification excursions if needed, setting schedules (a major task in-of itself).
  • Full-service…let us handle all the details to arrange, quote, produce, ship, or any sub-work thereof.
  • Packaging, retail, bulk, establishing packing list and commercial documentation.
  • Shipping, customs, HTS classification and/or interpretation.

Look for our interactive, informative E-Book in the coming months!

Thanks, any questions please email us at and we can discuss this immediately.