Your Global Outsourcing Partner – Build-to-Print Assemblies


Natlus URD Manufacturing, Inc. offers strong sales people opportunities to engage the manufacturing community on several levels:

Commission-Based Sales – Earn standard representative fees for your detailed project management skills. As the sales representative it’s your responsibility to source, qualify the client, and to maintain the relationship. We will of course offer full support as you work to obtain the project details, drawings, CAD files, project history, projections/EAU, shipping considerations, and if at all possible target pricing. Natlus URD will offer the detailed quotations for you to offer your client, all orders are processed through Natlus URD and commissions are awarded as a percentage of the over-all margin. Established territories may apply in certain cases, depending upon the nature and origination of the lead. This will be evaluated and discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Points of consideration for quotation purposes:

  • Nature of the product and project.
  • Where is the client in terms of preparation? Have prototypes been created? Has there been a POC? Are they truly ready to consider off-shore manufacturing? Ready means due diligence has been completed and mass production is now justified and required.
  • What is the status of their documentation? Is there a firm design (2D/3D drawings, packaging , material specification, application requirements, samples from previous runs)?
  • Is this a new project or new revision? If an existing product what are the reasons they are now considering a new manufacturing partner?
  • What is their projected usage?
  • Are they funded for tooling, production, shipping?
  • Does your client have target pricing?
  • Time frame and other requirements.

Lead-Generating Program – Follow your own plan, sources, work to get our material in front of the purchasing agents of qualified companies. Upon our successful verbal communications with qualified companies we will apply a set commission per lead. Each lead will require the below information to be submitted and approved by Natlus URD Management to qualify for the commission award. With this option you’re simply working to qualify leads for us to follow-up on, whether or not there is a resulting purchase order.

Program Requirements, please submit the information below in detail:

  • Company name, website, client name, and position. We are looking for the contact information for their purchasing agent or other responsible buyer for the company.
  • Nature of the Company – They should fit within the scope of our capabilities. For example we would not likely call on a chemical distributor. Please be sure you’re qualifying the nature of the client/company for “good-fit” before submitting.
  • How and where the lead originated from and why you think they are a good candidate to call upon. We should be receiving as qualified of a lead as possible, for example you would want to submit information for clients that are interested and generally receptive to developing a new manufacturing partner. In order to be sure to receive your lead commission you are encouraged to contact them in advance to be sure you have the correct person. We require to be copied on at least one email exchange demonstrating an interest. We will take it from that point.

Thank you for your interest in employment at Natlus URD Manufacturing. If interested we encourage you to review our product line to become more familiar with our offerings and services. Please submit a cover letter and resume to