Your Global Outsourcing Partner – Build-to-Print Assemblies


Project Submission Information:

Providing accurate feedback and quotations are dependent upon Natlus URD receiving proper documentation and/or disclosure of the details related to your project. The following is a general list of the types of information you should be prepared to discuss, although not everything is applicable to every project, nor should you feel it is necessary to have everything worked out 100% completely to begin.

  • Documented NDAs if necessary; We can submit our customized form or receive yours for the agreement.
  • Nature of the product so we can determine suitability and/or draw upon our past successes in a specific market.
  • Existing item or new revision? Reason why you may be interested in establishing a new manufacturing partner, what would you like to improve upon?
  • Confirmation of any patents or provisional patents in place.
  • 2D drawings – showing dimensional, cross-sections, tolerances, units, material specifications, etc.
  • 3D Files such as IGES or STP for plastics and Gerber files for PCBA.
  • Assembly drawings and BOMs (bill of materials).
  • Application details, confirmation of material study, environmental concerns and how this may affect your product.
  • Project EAU (estimated annual usage), lot release quantity, target and budgetary pricing.
  • Packaging considerations – Type of packaging such as plastic wrapping, cardboard box specifications (size, weight, thickness), plastic clam shell, simple hanging tag, etc? Type of printing, full color, B&W, one-sided, two-sided, glossy, matt? All artwork for the design – logos, pictures, text, barcodes (and format), layout preference and/or color choices. Instruction sheet or manual to be included? Type, size, layout? Consideration for stocking strategy (hang tag or other), master carton preferences, shipping marks (stamped information on the master shipping cartons), shipping container arrangement if applicable.
  • Time frame for your manufacturing project, when did you need production units by?
  • Shipping methods: With adequate preparation time you may be able to take advantage of ocean shipment. Project delays and such may force utilization of costly air transport, however, in some cases smaller runs are less costly by air. This will be evaluated and discussed as required.
  • HTS code (harmonized tariff schedule) which will give us the duty rate for your product. This is something we can help determine, however for reference or look-up please see the harmonized tariff schedule at: Click on the “full document” link at the top to download the catalogue.
  • Our NDA will be required prior to any detailed information of or visits to our manufacturing facilities.

Critical Nature of Project Communications:

At Natlus URD Manufacturing we approach all projects in a similar way, working to first obtain a case history and all the required details in order to provide the most accurate feedback, information, and quotation. The importance of consistent, comprehensive communications and organization can not be understated. Based upon our experience the successful outcome of any project is based upon accurate, factual, and prompt communications from both our vendors and clients. In our role as your project manager it is our responsibility to be sure every team member on both sides is up-to-date with the most recent and accurate project details – on a daily basis if needed.

We will absolutely not guess nor try to read your mind with regards to any aspect of your project. Guessing at anything, whether it be material issues, tooling, unit costs, packaging designs, or shipping configurations will only potentially open up conditions where details would be missed and prices may have to be raised. Please be sure there is adequate time for the proper exchanges before we begin. We therefore suggest that our clients assign the project manager role to a dedicated person with competent following skills, technical knowledge of the product, and ample time to attend to your project details.

Working in Asia requires a particular dedication in order to be successful. Although they are on the opposite of the world we can make this work to our advantage. There are two work days available, one to negotiate with USA clients during normal business hours, and the other during our night to work with our overseas vendors. If we simply “went home”, or were not available in the evenings, we would miss a whole work day in Asia. In fact our Chinese partners understand this and will also be available during their evening (our morning) to further review any pertinent details or provide confirmations of project events. If we compound this advantage with our client’s project managers available during later hours, projects may speed along at half the time of working during our day alone.

Every project is different and there may be a level of communication and response time that is appropriate for any particular project or phase, but the main concept to grasp here is that accurate and consistent communications are the key to any successful manufacturing project.

Our Due Diligence with Overseas Vendors:

In many cases we have an existing proven vendor network that can professionally manufacture your product. These are companies we have personally visited many times and have gotten to know over a period of many years. If necessary we will source new vendors, however in either case we continue to do our due diligence in pursuit of quality documented manufacturing programs, including:

  • NDA’s with vendors when necessary.
  • Factory visits and on-site qualifications.
  • Factory equipment list and inspections.
  • Documentation of quality certifications such as ISO.
  • Factory communication style, availability, attention to details, forthcoming, honorable?
  • Competitive and consistent quotations and pricing.
  • Reviews, references, current market and major customers.
  • Understanding vendor management strategy, meeting key owners.
  • Documenting the manufacturer’s business plan, time-line, scheduling, any sub-vendors that may be required and their company information.
  • Paying attention to China holiday scheduling and keeping our clients informed so they may plan production properly.

What to do after receiving your shipments:

Natlus URD will follow up with you closely in all phases of your production, including delivery and initial and secondary observations and/or testing. We will coordinate with you and our forwarder to be sure all items are received without any incidence or damage. If you’ve elected to use your own shipping services we will still reach out to be sure everything was received as expected.

Natlus URD guarantees their products 100%, however it is critical that goods received are checked, inspected, and tested immediately upon receipt. In many cases our partners will warranty items for up to a year, but again it is up to our clients to do their due diligence. Being thorough will allow us to quickly resolve any issues that may have occurred, waiting six to twelve months to report a problem for example will make it more difficult to address properly. The exact nature of the warranty class for your particular commodity or items will be disclosed at time of quotation. Rest assured however that any products received that deviate from the design or have any other issues will be corrected and replaced according to the quoted QC schedule.

Thank you for your interest in working with Natlus URD Manufacturing, Inc. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your manufacturing needs.